Muse: an immersive short film



The Character is a vessel drifting through life. Seemingly without purpose, the Character is initially aimless, floating through time and space waiting for nothing. However, a mysterious new location intrigues the Character, sparking something within. As the Character explores the new setting, it discovers another being, awakening an urge that pushes the Character towards the unknown.



Muse is a story about loss, discovery, and rebirth. In order to depict these emotions as a journey, the narrative is distinctly split between three different settings. 




The river is endless. There is no distinction between sky and water, creating the illusion of infinity. It is where strive-less souls lose themselves.



The city emerges from nothing. A mysterious and magical place, beckoning those who wish to find something more. Secrets seethe out of the buildings like fog in the woods. 



The final setting, a space unknown. Is it a goal? Or an ending? The Character finds itself here after chasing a fleeting shadow. The surroundings glow and expand to the universe.