Muse: an immersive short film


made from scratch

Muse was produced for the Big Screens class at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program. The objective was to create a short form visual and audio piece that utilizes the unique space of the IAC building's 100 meter long screen.

The story, visuals, animations, and soundtrack were all meticulously crafted over a two month period. It was important for the creators that everything seen and heard came from their hearts and souls. Muse premiered on December 8th 2017 in front of a large audience.

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AR immersion

A companion augmented reality application was created to further immerse the users while watching Muse. It started as an experiment to see if AR can be used to engage viewers in a film without detracting focus from the main action in front of them.

The application is audio reactive, interacting with the piece's custom soundtrack. It also augments the space with floating magical creatures to further increase the feeling of wonder and magic. The AR was done in Unity3D with ARCore and ARKit.



Created and Produced by


Original music and soundtrack by

Lu Wang

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